Terms & Conditions


All performances are based on the terms and conditions listed below. They apply and are understood to be exclusively agreed by means of order placement or acceptance of the performances.


Adverse or conflicting terms and conditions of the purchaser will not be recognized. Prices are individually subject to prior agreement between the customer and Verhaaren Inc.


All orders can be placed either orally, in writing or online.Order confirmation must be in a written form by email or regular mail.


Engineering Service / Technical Service

Is only understood as a recommendation and aid for the customer and all recommendations and advises are not binding as well for technical advises and/or recommendations on training, training documents, pre-buy inspections, cost calculations and all other subjects. We reserve the right to printing errors, error and alterations.


All work package quotations are recommendations and based on estimated man hours and consumable costs as per experience. We reserve the right to prior sale, printing errors, error and alterations. All estimates and or calculations of estimated man hours and costs are not binding.


Tooling Support

The tools supplied and sold by Verhaaren Inc. do not cover any compensation for consequential loss by using the tools.

All tools are not manufacturer approved. Again: The user of the tool has the full responsibility for the consequence of

using the tool. Warranty period for the tool itself is six month after delivery date. Within the guarantee period, the merchandise must be sent back to us free of charge, in the original packing with an exact description of the deficiency, together with filled out complaint docket and return docket, as well as a copy of the invoice.

Complaints of deficiency of goods shall be notified in writing by the purchaser immediately, however at the very latest within 8 days after receipt of products. The return of such items does not constitute a complaint and does not relieve the purchaser of his obligation to pay the purchase price. If the complaint is justified, we provide for a replacement after return of the objectionable item, or we make improvements according to our discretion and choice. All and any further claims are expressly excluded. Claims to compensation for damage, which have not occurred on the goods supplied by us, are excluded. Our warranty obligations are null and void if and when changes or repairs are made on the purchased object(s) by third parties without our prior written consent.


Spare Part Support

Verhaaren Inc. is handling spare parts as a broker. The handling of the parts is not binding, it is a non-binding service, charged with an individual handling charge. We do not take any responsibility for delays, defective parts, warranty, transportation damage, delivery time or any other costs effected by the spare part handling.

Transportation is subject to the customer. The customer can request Verhaaren Inc. to organize the transport of the requested spare part on customers responsibility.


All prices are understood in USD, net cash, plus shipment costs if applicable. If requested by the customer, invoices can be presented in a different currency.